Trucking Terminal and Contractor Yard

Providing a clean, well lit, secure facility with 24 hour access for all you transportation and contractor needs.


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Kanzler’s Trucking Terminal provides truck parking, contractor yard space, as well as office and shop rentals with daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly lease options. 

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Truck Parking

Providing terminals for Over the Road trucks, Straight trucks, Day Cabs, Sleepers, Reefer Trailers, and more.

Contractor Space

Custom-sized outside yard area for contractors. Great for landscapers, tree care workers, carpenters, etc.

Office and Shop Rentals

Shop doors are 13’6” high and floor space is roughly 20′ x 50′. Shops are equipped with LED light fixtures and heat for the winter.

About Us

Conveniently located 1 mile south of Rt. 12 and Rt.120, with 2 gas stations with fast flow diesel truck pumps, Kanzler provides an exceptional location to get your drivers out on the road without unnecessary side streets.


On-Site, Independent Mechanics and Bodymen

With independent on-site mechanics, repairs and servicing are able to be performed right in your own parking spot.

Truck Terminals

Here at Kanzler’s Trucking Terminal, we understand the needs of smaller owner operators having to find a location to operate out of. We provide a safe, well-lit, secure location to park your vehicles when not in operation. With shop space available for rent to service your vehicles or you can use one of our independent, on-site mechanics service your truck in your spot. Therefore, you can rest off-duty without having the hassle of dropping off your truck at a different location, and having to find a ride to and from your spot. There is also an independent mobile power washing service that passes through on the weekends. We also have an on-site independent bodyman who can make repairs and paint in the bay he leases on site. With all these on-site amenities, it will save you a ton of time that would otherwise be spent servicing your truck when it’s not on the road.

The risks of illegal parking are too great and the costs of having your truck towed because of it could be double of what a year of parking at our secure facility would be! Having peace of mind, knowing your truck is safely waiting to go back to work and not worrying about showing up and seeing your truck is not where you left it.

Terminal Prices

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75' Space


40' Space


30' Space


20' Space


Contractor Space, Office, and Shop Space

Shop doors are 13’6” high and floor space is roughly 20′ by 50′.
Office space available up to 1,200 SF.

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